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Hydrographic Films

If an item can be dipped and submerged in water, then it is probably a good candidate for use with water transfer printing technology. That means that you can customize a huge variety of items with our vibrant, beautifully designed hydro dipping films! From helmets and ATV parts to guns and Yeti cups, our water transfer printing films are perfect for many different applications.

As a dip film supplier, Liquid Concepts stands apart. We’re a family owned business, and we don’t sell any products that we wouldn’t feel comfortable using ourselves. So all the water transfer printing films we offer for sale are high quality prints that look great in a wide variety of applications.

And we have a lot of variety when it comes to the subject matter of our prints, too. Choose from hydro dipping film in abstract designs, animal prints, camouflage, wood grain prints, and more. There are also amazing texture prints such as carbon fiber patterned dip film, and trendy designs like skulls and more.

Not sure which type of hydro dipping film is best for the application you have in mind? We also have a variety of sample packs and grab bags available for sale.

And if you know what kind of image you want on your dip film but can’t find it, just ask! We have hundreds of custom water transfer printing films available, so we are sure to have a design that fits your needs. Just let us know and we will help you find exactly what you’re looking for.

Liquid Concepts carries all the hydro dipping films, hydrographics tanks and supplies to help you get into the exciting world of water transfer printing. We also offer training in hydro dipping techniques, both online and in-house at our facility in Alexander, Arkansas.

Customize your favorite gear with vivid, high quality hydro dipping films from Liquid Concepts. Shop with us today!