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Water Transfer Printing FilmsHundreds of patterns are in stock and all others can be special ordered. The highest quality films for your hobbyist and business needs!

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Water Transfer Printing TanksLiquid Concepts offers a wide variety of professional hydrographics tanks to meet any budget. We strive to create some of the best quality tanks on the market while still maintaining a competitively priced package.

Water Transfer Printing Films

Water Transfer Printing Film DevelopmentLiquid Concepts can make custom films for any idea imaginable. Using state of the art technology, we take your image and print it on a clear and visually stunning water transfer film within 30 to 45 days.

Water Transfer Printing Films

Water Transfer Printing TrainingWe offer an extensive line of training through our customized training program as well as providing training to your business at your location if desired. All of the classes that are given will cover everything from dipping and base coating to clear coating and touch ups.

Hydrographics IOI

Hydrographics, also known as water transfer printing, allow you to customize virtually anything you can imagine by applying a printed pattern to a three-dimensional object. You can use it to customize your guitar, panels on your car, computer cases, and a whole lot more. Just about any material you can imagine can be dipped, including metal, fiberglass, wood, plastic, and glass. If you want it customized, hydrographics can help.

It’s possible through a technique that involves laying a poly-vinyl film on water in a large dipping tank. A special chemical, known as the activator, is added to the tank, and the film turns into an ink that continues to float on the surface. How, exactly, the pattern looks when applied to your object usually depends on the color of the object before it was dipped. Because of this, we can customize the color of just about all of our patterns to meet your desired look.

Your object is then slowly dipped into the tank and ink, causing the pattern to be transferred to the object. Finally, a clear coat is applied to enhance and protect the finish. This coat can be matte, glossy, or satin, and helps to protect the finish from all sorts of damage. It’s about as durable as the clear coating used in automotive finishes.


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