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Hydrographics / Hydro-Dipping

Hydrographics / Hydro-Dipping

Hydrographics, also known as water transfer printing, immersion printing, and even camo-dipping allows you to customize virtually anything you can imagine by applying a pre-printed pattern onto a three-dimensional object. You can use it to customize your guns, ATVs, helmets, automotive accessories, and a whole lot more. Just about any material you can imagine can be dipped, including metal, fiberglass, wood, plastic, glass and much more. If you want it customized, hydrographics is probably your solution.

We have thousands of patterns to choose from and can now even custom print any kind of film you want to make your item truly unique and one-of-a-kind. Each part is properly prepared depending on the material it is made out of and then after the dipping is applied a high quality automotive clear coat is applied to give your new custom part incredible durability and longevity. This clear coat can be matte, glossy, or satin, and helps to protect the finish from damage. The clear or top coat will be determined by the customers preference.

Along with the aftermarket hydrographic service, Liquid Concepts offers a full OEM hydrographics service to any company looking for small to large batches of items needing water transfer printing. We have a full service facility to keep you on your deadline while still maintaining the highest quality product on the market. We work with all of our clients one-on-one in choosing the best method and type of coating for their application. With our years in the industry, we are sure to give you the best in customer service, price and always meeting a deadline in a timely manner. Contact us today and see how we can help you add value to your product to increase sales for your business.  

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