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What to Expect for Hydro Dipping Prices

What to Expect for Hydro Dipping Prices

What to Expect for Hydro Dipping Prices

When you want to have some items finished with hydro dipping, you might be unsure of the cost. The prices for hydro dipping do have some geographic variation. Pricing will also be determined by the size and type of item you want to have hydro dipped. You should keep in mind that the complexity of your project will also be a factor in how expensive it is. These are some general guidelines on what you can expect when arranging for hydro dipping of different types of products.

Why Hydro Dipping Is Not Cheap

Hydro dipping, which is also called hydrographics, applies an image to a hard surface. This type of printing works on 3D products. It works for glass, plastic, wood, metal, and more. It is a popular method of customizing common products. The technology for hydro dipping received patents in the 1980s, and shops have perfected their techniques and equipment.

The process is still hands-on, which is why it is not cheap. While machines can apply paint or sew stitches for customizing different products, hydro dipping still requires a lot of hands-on work. When you pay for hydro dipping, you are paying for quality materials and the technician’s expertise.

How Hydro Dipping Prices Are Determined

Hydro dipping prices are determined by four factors. One is the size of the item. In general, a large item, such as a wheel, costs more to hydro dip than a small item, such as a ceramic bowl.

Another factor is the finish. If you want a special sealant or other finishes on the product, this will add to the price. A third factor in hydro dipping pricing is the complexity of the image. Actual images of people or animals are more challenging to get right than abstract images.

The final factor in hydro dipping pricing is the type of preparation that the item needs. If you want a dirty car wheel hydro dipped, it will take a lot more work than if you want a newly fired porcelain trinket box hydro dipped. Keep in mind that in artisan shops, hydro dipping may cost more than if it is done by a hobbyist. Hydro dipping may also cost more in urban areas, which generally have a higher cost of living overall.

Average Costs for Hydro Dipping

The average cost for hydro dipping a wheel for a vehicle is roughly $150, and that pricing can vary by as much as 20% - 50%, depending on the type of activator, finish, and labor costs. Hydro dipping fees for guns typically range from $200 to $500, depending on the make and model. Gun accessories cost $50 to $200 to hydro dip. The average cost for hydro dipping a smaller object, such as cups starts at $30. Unusual items, such as water skis and wakeboards, usually cost $150 to $300 to hydro dip.

Hydro dipping can provide you with an excellent finished product, but be sure to get an estimate before you begin the process so that you know exactly how much you are going to spend.