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Check Out All the Things That Can Be Hydro Dipped

Check Out All the Things That Can Be Hydro Dipped

Check Out All the Things That Can Be Hydro Dipped

When you want to customize things you use every day or some of your favorite items, hydro dipping is a smart choice. This process allows you to turn an ordinary item, such as a coffee cup or hard hat, into something that shows off your style and personality. If you’ve been wondering what can be hydro dipped, you might be surprised to learn about the long list of things that qualify. Read on to learn about what can be hydro dipped and get ready to start creating one-of-a-kind items.

How Hydrographics Work

Hydro graphics, water printing, immersion printing, and hydro dipping all refer to the same process. You place the film in a tub of water and apply a chemical activator. As you slowly dip the item into the water, the film adheres to it. A unique feature of hydro dipping is that it offers 360-degree coverage. The printed film gets into the curves, crevices, and corners of the product you’re dipping. This results in total coverage of the item’s three-dimensional surfaces. The process doesn’t take long. It’s also permanent, so the design won’t rub, wash or flake off once a proper top coat is applied. The newly-printed item won’t fade, peel or crack if exposed to sunlight, water, or wind.

Vehicles and Parts

One of the top categories of items that people use for hydro dipping is automotive parts. You can dip your engine cover, spoilers, wheels, or any other interior or exterior part of your car, truck, van, SUV, ATV, snowmobile, or other types of vehicles. Plastic and metal parts can be dipped.

Personal Items

The things you use every day for hygiene and self-care can also be hydro dipped. You could use the process on your cell phone case, hairdryer or razor. Game controllers, clothes hangers, and refillable lotion or soap bottles can be hydro dipped.

Customize Your Items

If an item can be painted, it can be hydro dipped. There are specialty paints for, plastic, metal, ceramic, and other materials. With hydro dipping, the same film will work on any product that you want to customize. This makes the hydro dipping process simpler and easier to do.