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Why Liquid U

Professional Hydrographics Training

Liquid Concepts has a fully furnished state of the art facility where you can train with the Pro’s. Not just your average technician but the OWNER himself each and EVERY time!. Over the years in business we have honed our craft and have trained over 350+ individuals.

We pride ourselves on helping other businesses and individuals accomplish their dreams. We offer an extensive training that caters to pros as well as hobbyist that are venturing into the hydrographic industry. With our company, we do not require you to purchase equipment or even products from us to be eligible for the training. If you are willing to learn then we are willing to teach you! Our in depth training courses go over all of the good and the bad with this industry, leaving you with the knowledge you need to grow your business or hobby. Our extensive knowledge in the field can help give you a competitive edge against the competition. Our training is geared towards all of the fine details from start to finish and has helped countless businesses

“This was a great class for someone needing to learn the basics of painting & dipping. I’ve been painting for years and still learned a few tricks I didn’t know about. Bryan is a great instructor, he’s very patient and does a great job of taking time to work with everyone one on one. If you’re wanting to get into this industry this class is well worth the money and in the long run will save hundreds if not thousands of dollars..”

One of the most common complaints we encounter from customers is “everything dipped great while we were in the training, but now I am home and nothing is turning out right!”. With our training, you will not feel this way as we encourage you to make mistakes and learn from them. We want you to be able to encounter problems while you are at the training so we can help show you the proper technique to correct the issues. This is very valuable so when you return back to your work area you are able to diagnose and fix the issues you encounter.

“What a learning experience, with a professional company. Two great days with hands on training. Thank You for your support Bryan and Brittany!“

While training at our facility you will be given the attention that you deserve with class sizes being limited to 6 people per training class. This will give you more one-on-one time with the master decorators and a better understanding of what is being taught. We currently offer 3 different kinds of training to meet any customer's needs. The most popular training is our start up technical training which focuses on the entire process from start to finish. We also offer a training for companies or individuals that have previous automotive painting experience and just need some one-on-one help with the hydrographic process. This class also helps those who have been in the industry but are still encountering on-going problems. Another beneficial class we offer is on-site training. This would be held at your facility where our master trainer will come and train you in your own environment with your own setup.

At the end of all of our training courses a certificate and seal will be given to you showing that you have completed the necessary training and have the knowledge to perform at a professional level.

Even after the training we offer the best customer support for all your technical questions and needs. Come see why training with Liquid Concepts will be the best investment you will ever make in this industry!