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Video Training

Liquid U Hydrographics Video Training

Do you desire professional hydrographic training but lack the means required to travel to attend an in-house training?

We have just what you need! Our new online training video is centered around learning the basic foundation of the entire hydrographics process. Our training video is lead by Bryan Westbrook, one of the top authorities in water transfer printing. Learn what TO and NOT TO do for every step of the hydrographic process.

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Training When and Where You Need It

Liquid University is proud to announce our new Online Training Video! We are now able to help clients all over the world learn the entire water transfer printing process on their own schedule and in the comfort of their own location.

Learn the basics of the entire hydrographic process as well as get tips and tricks from one of the leading industry experts. Through the instruction of Bryan Westbrook, the owner of Liquid Concepts, you will learn all the proper techniques and training to properly prep any item, spray your base coat, dip your part and even how to properly apply the clear coat to get that show quality finish every time! Along with the training you will also receive a downloadable training booklet and our Liquid Concepts Prepping Guide to help you get each project started on the right foot.

Meet Bryan Westbrook

Bryan started Liquid Concepts in 2007 after wanting to expand his knowledge of custom coatings into something NEW! With his knowledge and experience he has had the pleasure of building several one-off projects for SEMA and has worked with many leading manufactures on full scale production jobs. Bryan strives to push the envelope in this industry while offering his knowledge and has trained over 800+ individuals in hydrographics. His main goal is to share his successes and failures along the way to help you expand your business!

2+ Hours in 7 Videos

Get trained by the experts! Set yourself apart!

Part 1 - Preparation
Part 2 - Paints & Primers
Part 3 - Films
Part 4 - Dipping
Part 5 - Troubleshooting
Part 6 - Touching Up
Part 7 - Finishing Parts

With this video you will obtain the basic foundation for properly applying hydrographics to any surface. As we continue to grow our Liquid University we hope that we can offer you with more advanced videos along the way.

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