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Hydrographic Tanks

Best in Class Hydrographic Dipping Tank

Liquid Concepts offers everything you need for successful water transfer printing -- including our industry-leading hydro dipping tanks.

Our extremely sturdy and well-made hydro dipping tanks are designed to be easy to use, easy to move, and quiet to operate. These tanks have a customizable name plate on the front where you can add your logo if you are in the hydrographic printing industry.

With our water transfer printing tank, you get everything you need to get started in one turnkey package, including film activator solution and film baffles. You also get the benefit of our industry experience and lifetime warranty. We want each and every one of our customers to be happy with our hydro dipping products!

Liquid Concepts Hydrographics Dipping Tank

Our Tank Guarantee

  • Free Training

  • Turnkey Starter Package

  • 100% Made in the USA

  • Superior Customer Service

  • Free Business Promotion

  • 10% Off All Future Orders

  • Lifetime Warranty
Our Hydrographic Dipping Tanks are 100% Made in the USA



Liquid Concepts Hydrographic Dipping Tanks

Liquid Concepts Water Transfer Dipping Tanks are the best in their class! We set the standard for the Hydrographic industry. Our 100% Made in the USA tanks feature high quality 304 Stainless Steel throughout. These tanks will stand the test of time.

Our hydro dipping tanks have proven to be very dependable and require little to no maintenance. We stand behind our equipment 100% and offer a lifetime warranty, so if you ever do need assistance, Liquid Concepts will be there.

Our tanks come in a variety of sizes, but we can also custom design a water transfer printing tank just for you! Shop our selection of tanks today and let us know how we can help you.

Key Tank Features

  • Solid Foundation

    • Heavy Duty Greasable 360 Degree Casters
    • Smooth Rolling Motion for movability
    • Heavy Duty Leveling Feet to assist with uneven floors
  • Rigid Structure

    • TIG welded high quality 304 Stainless steel
    • Structural bends for support and stability
    • Water jet Liquid Concepts Front Plate (can be customized to your logo if desired)
  • Internal Features

    • Spray bar with multiple jets for increased efficiency
    • High quality schedule 40 PVC internal piping
    • Custom stainless steel filter tray
  • Pump/Heating Elements

    • Enclosed to offer a Super Quiet design for noise control
    • Professional quality magnetic drive centrifugal pump
    • 5 year warranty directly from the manufacturer- pump
    • UL Listed - 240V 4KW and 6KW heating elements (wattage depending on tank size)
  • Quality Electronics

    • Standard Non-UL Listed - Digital Timer switch with buzzer, Dual Digital PID Thermostat Controllers for each side of the tank, Keyed On/Off Switch, Heavy Duty Selector Pump Switch, 1 or more individual heating element selector switches
    • Complete UL Listed control panels Available
    • All the tanks are wired with industry standard 600V copper stranded wire
  • Film Divider System

    • Adjustable film containment system that provides 1” spacing increments for greater film control and less waste (each tank comes with 3 film containment bars total

We Offer The Best Hydrographic
Dipping Tanks On The Market

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