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Hydrographic Paint

Immersion, or water transfer printing, is quickly rising in popularity among private artists and commercial printers. We supply hydrographic paint for this new medium and can help you create your masterpiece.

Hydrographic Process

Hydrographic processes work in one of two ways, and more are surely being developed. You can apply custom prints or designs to a variety of materials, such as acrylic, metal, and wood. Hydro dipping can also be used to overlay one design onto another format to create a three-dimensional look.

Hydrographic Substrates

Our hydrographic paints can be used on virtually any commonly used substrate. Various metals and plastics make great canvases. Users have also had success with glass, acrylic, bone, and more. Natural and treated wood products are compatible with hydrographic paints.

Hydrographic Benefits

Hydro dipping gives the user more control over the outcome of the final product. Hydrographic processes also provide new options and unique designs for every project.

We offer all types of hydrographic paints and products. Our vast inventory contains everything you need for your next design. Whether you are a novice to the arts or have years of experience, we have just the supplies you need today.