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Product Details

Tribal Indians Black (48in wide)

$34.99 /per meter
Pricing Table for Tribal Indians Black (48in)
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$34.99 /meter
Recommended Base Color(s):
White Color Swatch
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Film Width: 48in
SKU: tribal-indians-black
Availability: In Stock

Product Description

Custom printed hydrographic Tribal Indians print! The numerous detailed indians and chiefs in this design really give it a uniqure look on it's own. Can be sized to go on any size object you have.

**Each Custom Hydrographic Film is sold by 1 Square Meter (10 Square Feet)  -  film width is 48" **

Please include in the comments section at checkout what scale sizing you would like us to print the pattern for you! For instance is it going on a ATV or a firearm?