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Start Up/Technical Training for New Businesses Deposit

Start Up/Technical Training for New Businesses Deposit

**Contact us for Available Dates**


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Product Description

2 Day Training

$1350 (Total Cost)

If you would like to schedule more than 1 person for training please contact us! Each additional person to attend training is ONLY $400!

Note: A 20% deposit is required to secure your  hydrographics training! The remainder will be due upon arrival to your training date.


This training is for anyone that is wanting to get started in the hydrographics / dipping industry. Once you have completed this course, you will have a good understanding on the principles of how this process works and a good foundation to build on by using the correct materials, paints, clear coats and much more. We will go over all the steps that are needed to perform the hydrographics on all parts that will come into your shop from wood, plastics, metal, fiberglass, and much more. We will cover different dipping techniques, back-taping, rolling, and more.

We will also show each student how to properly setup your activator gun along with knowing the essentials on how a paint gun works, sprays, and atomizes correctly. Each trainee will have a complete hands on experience for all steps of this process which will include prep work and sanding, painting, mixing paint, priming, dipping, rinsing parts, drying, candy coats, clear coating, buffing, polishing and wet sanding.

This class will start at 9AM and then end at 5PM both Friday and Saturday. There will be a 1 hour break for lunch where lunch is provided.  After the training is finished, each trainee will receive a certificate of completion to showcase at their shop as well as a seal that can be displayed on your website or any digital media.

Prerequisites- None

What's covered during the training? (Please click here for a detailed list of what is covered in this training)

  • How to properly prep different materials 
  • How to mix paint and other materials
  • What paints to use and how to properly apply them
  • Proper activator gun setup (you can bring your activator gun if desired)
  • All aspects of the hydro-dip process (double dipping, back-taping, rolling, etc.)
  • Dipping complex items (dashes, wheels, gunstocks, etc)
  • Building and maintaining Jigs for painting and dipping
  • Touching up and using an airbrush to fix mistakes and problem areas of the dip
  • Applying custom finishes to your work (candy colors, metallics, pearls, glow in the dark, etc)
  • How to properly mix and spray clear coat
  • How to spray flat and gloss clear
  • How to properly buff and polish a part
  • How to market your business (including social media, trade shows, email blasts, etc.)
  • Customer service tips
  • Photography tips to get a professional look
  • Film storage and suggestions
  • Q&A Session throughout the training

What's included with the training?

  • Prepping guide to reference for different types of materials
  • List of materials used during training, etc.
  • Detailed Liquid Concepts Training pamphlet covering the process from start to finish
  • Technical Support for a LIFETIME!
  • 100% Hands on Training
  • Learning tips and tricks from the pros
  • Discounted rates at local hotels for lodging during training
  • Lunch is included for all trainees
  • 5% OFF all future product purchases
  • Training completion certificate 
  • Training seal for all digital media
  • 20 Meters of film of choice (subject to royalty fees, limit of 5 patterns total)
  • 2 gallons of Liquid Concepts Activator


Travel Arrangements : If you are flying in, you will need to fly into Little Rock National Airport (LIT). The training facility located in Alexander is approximately 20-30 minutes south of Little Rock. For hotels, you can either stay in Benton or Bryant, AR. which is about 10 minutes away depending on where you stay from our training facility.