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Product Details

Spring Camo (1M wide)

$12.99 /per meter
Pricing Table for Spring Camo (1M)
1 - 2
$12.99 /meter
3 - 9
$9.99 /meter
10 - 24
$8.99 /meter
25 - 49
$7.99 /meter
50 - 99
$6.99 /meter
100 - 149
$6.25 /meter
150 - *
$6.00 /meter
Recommended Base Color(s):
White Color Swatch Beige Color Swatch
How many meters long?

Film Width: 1M or 3.2 feet in width.
SKU: SKO-004-1M
Availability: In Stock

Categories: films, Camouflage, Hunting Camo

Product Description

The Spring Camo incorporates both light green leaves as well as brown leaves to give the user the abilty to use this print in all kinds of climates. Becuase this is such a universal camouflage, it can appeal to many different types of applications. The addition of the water droplets on the leaves give this pattern greater detail and a more realistic look. The recommended base color for this print is a white or lighter color


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