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Product Details

Hydrographic Solvent Wax and Grease Remover -

Solvent Wax and Grease Remover

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Gallon SKU: pnt-gal-lc101
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Categories: paint, Chemicals

Product Description

The LC-101 Solvent Based Wax and Grease Remover is an excellent all around cleaner that will help give your coating the perfect start to a great finish. This cleaner can be used on any surface to clean and prep for paint or primer. Using a solvent based cleaner is normally best for the best cleaning on a part. The solvent is more harsh than a water based cleaner and is able to remove more contaminates than the water based cleaners. 

Application Instructions - 

All surfaces except plastic - Spray the LC-101 Cleaner on a lint free rag and wipe down the part to be cleaned. Remember to wipe with a new section as needed to prevent contamination from the previous section that has been wiped down. Allow 5-15 minutes to air dry and then proceed with tacking the surface and then spraying your coating.

Plastic Surfaces - LC-101 is highly recommended for plastic parts. For best results on plastic parts spray a red scotch brite with the LC-101 and scuff the surface of the plastic with the scotch brite pad. After throughly scuffing the surface with the pad and the cleaner get a new lint free rag and wipe down the surface again to clean any residue from the scuff pad. On some plastics you will have a dull finish which is what is needed for coating over the surface. Re-apply as needed to make sure the surface is clean from any oils, wax and grease that may contaminate the coating. 

The LC-101 evaporates with no residue so no fish eye or contamination will occur on your parts.

**Please note that this cleaner will remove paint that has not been clear coated. Do NOT wipe bare paint with this cleaner!**