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Product Details

Hydrographic Sky Blue Glow Paint -

Sky Blue Glow Paint

Price based on volume.

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Categories: paint, Glow Paints

Product Description

The Sky Blue Glow Paint is a high quality glow-in-the-dark paint that is very easy to spray and glows for almost all night long! This Glow Paint is the most brightest and longest glowing paint we offer. During the day time, you cannot see the color when placed over a white base coat. At night you will get that awesome glow in your face sky blue like you have seen everywhere!

After years of using these high quality glow-in-the-dark pigments in-house, we have decided to offer this to our customers. This is a commercial grade Glow-in-the-dark paint that has over a 1 MONTH dipping window! ALL of our glow paints are READY TO SPRAY! This saves you time as well as cost! 


(Because of different screen resolution and settings, colors may vary slightly from picture. We do our best to achieve an accurate color representation for each color we sell)


  • Shake VERY WELL!! The glow in the dark will settle to the bottom so this must be shaken very well to prevent clumping before spraying. 
  • MUST be sprayed over a WHITE base for the brighest glow and longest charge. Use the Liquid Conceps White for the best color retention. 
  • Each coat will be sprayed with a medium wet coat. 
  • Allow 5-10 minute flash between each coat
  • Apply 2-3 medium wet coats. This can vary depending on the amount of glow that is desired. 
  • Ready to dip in approximately 10 minutes after final coat (this could vary depending on shop conditions and temperature)
  • Make sure to use a high quality UV clear coat to keep your part glowing for years down the road.