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Product Details

Hydrographic Paradise Dream Color Shift Paint -

Paradise Dream Color Shift Paint

Price based on volume.

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Categories: paint, Colorshifts Paint

Product Description

The Paradise Dream Color Shift paint is a READY TO SPRAY paint that will make any job look like a million dollars when you are done! These ready-to-spray paints contain a high grade automotive pearl to give you the very best colorshift paint on the market! With the finely cut metallic pigments that lay down when sprayed, it is sure to amaze anybody that takes a gander at it! The Paradise Dream Color Shift will change to these colors depending on the exact way you are looking at it - Yellow-/Green/Blue. This paint is ready to spray and needs to be applied over a black base coat for the most dramatic effect. These color shifts can also be DIPPED directly to as well! 


(Because of different screen resolution and settings, colors may vary slightly from picture. We do our best to achieve an accurate color representation for each color we sell)


  • Each coat will be sprayed with a medium wet coat until desired look is achieved (1-2 coats)
  • Allow 5-10 minute flash between each coat
  • Ready to dip in approximately 5 minutes after final coat (this could vary depending on shop conditions and temperature)
  • When the color dries to a flat sheen, the paint is ready to be dipped. 

**Make sure to shake the product for at least 5-10 minutes prior to use to ensure proper color application**