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Hydrographic Inter-Coat Clear -

Inter-Coat Clear

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Gallon SKU: pnt-gal-lc900
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Categories: paint, Chemicals, Clears

Product Description

LC-900 INTER-COAT CLEAR is a universal blending product that can be used as a wet-bed sealer, lock-down clear, cut-in clear, mid-coat for tri-coats, graphics, pearls, flakes and basecoat blender. This blending agent is compatible with all hydrographic and most automotive basecoat systems.  This can be reduced with both standard and reactive reducers.

Application Instructions - 

Pearls, Candies, Glow-In-The-Dark, Etc.
Apply basecoat or color coat and allow to dry according to paint manufacturer’s recommendations. Reduce LC-900 Inter-Coat Clear 1:1 with R-101 (Fast), R-102 (Medium) or R-103 (Slow) Urethane Reducer. Clearcoat activator (C-610, C-620 or C-630) may be added to improve durability (up to 5%). Add any of the pearls, candies, glow-in-the-dark, etc as per recommended by the manufacturer. Apply 1-3 medium coats as needed for coverage of the custom mix. More coats can be applied if needed. Allow each coat to flash for at least 5 minutes before applying the next coat.

Lock-Down Clear For Hydrographics:
If you are doing a double or multiple dip on a single part you can apply the Inter-Coat Clear to help in reducing the tape from pulling the print from the base coat. This can sometimes happen if the film is not fully activated. Once the part is partially dipped the first time, rinsed and dried off, you can spray the Inter-Coat Clear over the dip to help protect the image when placing tape over the part as a mask to get ready for the 2nd dip. Reduce LC-900 Inter-Coat Clear 1:1 with R-101 (Fast), R-102 (Medium) or R-103 (Slow) Urethane Reducer. Apply 1-2 coats with a 5-10 minute flash to lock down the hydrographics print. Allow 15 -30 minutes to dry before applying any tape to the print. There is no need to tape off only the dipped portion of the part. You can spray the Inter-Coat Clear directly over the base as well as the dip. The hydrographics will still adhere to the basecoat and the Inter-Coat Clear. 

Can Also be used as a Cut-In-Clear, Color Blender and Mid-Coat. 

This is very similar to the DBC-500 from PPG. 

Click Here to download the Technical Data Sheet for more information.