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Hydrographic Training HVLP Paint Gun - Devilbiss Pro Lite - SRIPRO

HVLP Paint Gun - Devilbiss Pro Lite


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Categories: supplies, Paint Guns

Product Description

Excellent atomization of solvent and waterborne materials!Improved comfort and balance. New body style and two-finger gripVersatile! 1/4" to 9" fan pattern for everything from spot repair to door jambs, bumpers, small panels & motorcycle tanks. Balanced air valve for smooth triggering and control during fading and blendingEliminates the "kick" normally felt when triggering traditional gunsSelf-adjusting, smooth action needle packing.

Specifications:Air cap consumptionTS1

High efficiency cap: 3.5 CFM @ 30 psi

HS1 HVLP cap: 4.8 CFM @ 30 psi

Gun Includes:Two air caps! TS1 high efficiency and HS1 HVLP1.0 mm fluid tipStarter set of 9-oz. DeKups disposable cups including(8) lids and liners(1) reusable sleeve and lid with (5) plugs(1) gun adapter(1) measuring guide(1) 300-micron barrel paint filter(1) 200-micron disk filter(1) 125-micron disk filter4 oz. nylon cupWrench, gun hook, spray lube, (4) colored identification rings