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Hydrographic Holographic Silver Flakes -

Holographic Silver Flakes

Price based on size.

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Categories: paint, Glitter Flakes

Product Description

After years of research and development, we have finally come out with the flakes that we have been using in this industry that started it all! These flakes are made to the highest standards to make sure you get that BLING in every shot! Completely stable up to 350 degrees. Can be used in water based or solvent based paints and clear coats. 

Recommended settings for getting that "POP" where you need it most

  • Using a spray gun with at least a 1.3 - 2.0 tip. Smaller tips can be used but fluid needle adjustment will have to be changed to accommodate larger size flakes
  • Best when shot with a clear binder, mid-coat or inter-coat clear. Can also be used in clear coats as well.
  • For the most consistent results, mix the flakes at around 1 full teaspoon to 1 quart of binder or clear coat.
  • UV stable to resist fading and give years of awesomeness to your client's projects.