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Hydrographic Training Film Sample Booklet - film-sample-booklet

Film Sample Booklet


SKU: film-sample-booklet
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Categories: supplies, Film Sample Book

Product Description

Liquid Concepts is proud to announce our addition of the film sample guide to the public. Now all your customers can benefit from seeing all the patterns Liquid Concepts has to offer with this compact and easy to use film guide. Every film is laminated and labeled for easy reference. All the films are on a singe stud so they are easy to fan out and show customers different samples at a glance. All the films are categorized and in alphabetical order with white card stock in front of every category for quick reference. Each film sample is cut to 4″ wide by 6″ long for easy viewing. This ensures your customer gets a great visual reference when trying to determine the right film for their job. The booklet has over 160 pages of films that we always carry in stock. Along with the film booklet, you will also get 10 pages of the most popular colors as a starter pack to show your customers different base-coats under different film selections. These different colors include white, beige, tan, brown, black, red, sky blue, yellow, grey, and orange.  This is a must have for shops with walk-in customers wanting to see different films and even different bases for those films.