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Product Details

Hydrographic Fast Activator - Clear Coat -

Fast Activator - Clear Coat

Price based on volume.

Half Pint SKU: pnt-half-pt-c610
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Pint SKU: pnt-pt-c610
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Quart SKU: pnt-qt-c610
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Product Description

The C-610 Fast Activator is used in the C-300 and C-500 clear coats. This activator is used mainly in temperatures around 55 - 65 degrees.

Activator Temperature Ranges - Please see below on the temperature ranges for each activator - 

C-610 - Fast - 55°F - 65°F

C-620 - Medium - 65°F - 75°F

C-630 - Slow - 75°F - 90°F