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Product Details

Dirt Road Camo (1M wide)

$17.24 /per meter
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Recommended Base Color(s):
White Color Swatch Beige Color Swatch
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Film Width: 1M or 3.2 feet in width.
Availability: In Stock

Product Description

Dirt Road Camo Hydrographic Film

.30-06 Outdoors struck out to break the mold by designing a camo that was unlike other camo companies on the market. DRC was designed to work well in most every hunting scenario regardless of the GPS coordinates. Sharp  Browns, Cool Greens, Subtle Greys & Blacks are all paired elements against 
tree vines, shadows, snake skin, and slate rocks to give a unique twist that will both conceal and look great while doing it!

Film Width - 1M (3.2 Feet wide)

Recommended Base Color - Bright White ,Beige

Recommended Hydrographic Activator - Liquid Concepts Activator