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Product Details

Brushed Walnut (50cm wide)

$7.50 /per meter
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Recommended Base Color(s):
White Color Swatch Beige/Tan Color Swatch Brown Color Swatch
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Film Width: 50cm or 19 inches in width.
SKU: SWG-271-50CM
Availability: In Stock

Categories: films, Wood Grain

Product Description

Brushed Walnut

A beautiful rich wood grain that is sure to bring life to any of your hydro dipping projects! This film incoporates such nice warm tones while still giving you a more brushed rustic look and feel. You could really transform the look of this hydrographic film by simply changing the base color of this design.

FIlm Width - 50CM (19 inches Wide)

Recommended Base Color -  Bright White , Brown, Beige

Recommended Hydrographic Activator - Liquid Concepts Activator