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Product Details

Hydrographic Brown -


Price based on volume.

Pint SKU: pnt-pt-s-brn
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Categories: paint, Solids

Product Description

Trying to manipulate a wood grain to look a certain way? Changing that basecoat to a different shade of brown can help you achieve that look. This isn't a true deep brown or a light brown for that matter....more like a rich caramel brown in color!

After years of using the Nason line of automotive paint in-house, we have decided to offer this to our customers. This is a high-grade automotive paint that has over a 1 MONTH dipping window! ALL of our paints are READY TO SPRAY! This saves you time as well as cost! 


(Because of different screen resolution and settings, colors may vary slightly from picture. We do our best to achieve an accurate color representation for each color we sell)


  • Each coat will be sprayed with a medium wet coat until fully covered 
  • Allow 5-10 minute flash between each coat
  • Ready to dip in approximately 5 minutes after final coat (this could vary depending on shop conditions and temperature)
  • When the color dries to a flat sheen, the paint is ready to be dipped. 


**We have the ability to color match any color that is needed for your job. If you do not see a color listed please contact us and we can further assist you.**