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Product Details

Black Burl Wood ***DEFECT*** (1M wide)

$7.99 /per meter
Pricing Table for Black Burl Wood ***DEFECT*** (1M)
1 - 2
$7.99 /meter
3 - 9
$7.99 /meter
10 - 24
$7.99 /meter
25 - 49
$7.99 /meter
50 - 99
$6.99 /meter
100 - 149
$6.25 /meter
150 - *
$5.75 /meter
How many meters long?

Film Width: 1M or 3.2 feet in width.
SKU: SWG-068D-1m
Availability: In Stock

Categories: films, Wood Grain

Product Description

The Elegant Black burl wood looks great on nearly anything. This pattern is very popular in high end cars and screams expensive taste! This pattern looks best over a white or light base color to bring out the details. It can be put over a darker base color as well if you really wanted to give it a dark subtle look.


**NOTE** This listing has a defect about 1-2" on one side. Please see alternate picture to view defect. This section of the film has a lighter ink than the rest of the pattern. The film still has tons of usable space.