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Product Details

Bed of Thorns (48in wide)

$34.99 /per meter
Pricing Table for Bed of Thorns (48in)
1 - *
$34.99 /meter
Recommended Base Color(s):
White Color Swatch
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Film Width: 48in
SKU: Bed-of-Thorns
Availability: In Stock

Product Description

Custom Printed Bed of Thorns hydrographic film pattern. Can be sized to go on any size object you have.

As with any of our designs/films you can use it on any project you desire.

Please note that because this film is printed differently than traditional water transfer printing film, the decorator may have to adjust settings and techniques to get the best results. Please contact us if you have any questions - 501-455-5500 or 

**Each Custom Hydrographic Film is sold by 1 Square Meter - 48" Wide x 32" long (10 Square Feet) If ordering more than one meter of film, the film will be a continuous 48" wide roll.** 

Please include in the comments section at checkout what scale sizing you would like us to print the pattern for you! For instance is it going on an ATV or a firearm?

Dipping Instructions - 


Please see below for basic instructions on how to use these products.

1.   Remove the clear backing on film – place the film on the table, grab one edge and pull it back across the film opposite of the edge that was started with. 

2. The side you remove the backing from is the side that goes DOWN on the water.

3. Keep dividers tight or tape the sides to eliminate expansion before dipping.

4.  Let the film soak for 60 seconds at 80°F – 90°F before activating.

5.  Spray your Liquid Concepts activator after the 60 second soak time. 

6. After the film glasses over (Normally around 20-40 seconds after the activator is sprayed), dip the item into the film.

7.   Rinse the item until all the PVA is removed from the part. (This film is made with a blue PVA that can be seen with a black light to verify that all the PVA is completely rinsed off the part before clear coating is applied.)  

8.   Apply a clear coat over the part and enjoy your new Custom Dipped Part!

Please Click Here to watch the full instruction video on how to properly use the custom printed hydrographic film.

**Soak times and activator application may vary depending on the type of activator used** If you have any questions please contact us at 501-455-5500