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Product Details

1 Square Meter of Custom Film AND 1 Hour Design Time (48in wide)

$64.99 /per meter
Pricing Table for 1 Square Meter of Custom Film AND 1 Hour Design Time (48in)
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$64.99 /meter
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Film Width: 48in
SKU: Square-Meter-Custom-Film-And-Design
Availability: In Stock

Product Description

This listing is for 1 Square Meter of Custom Printed Film ( 48" wide by 32" long) of your design AND 1 hour of design time to setup your image or help design it to make it the way you need. Please email your design or idea to the email listed below and someone will be in contact with you to start the design process on your file.


All of our custom films are printed on high quality PVA with a paper backing for easy removal and protection. If you are needing more than 1 Square Meter of film please add the quantity needed at checkout. 

**Be sure to include in the SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS field at checkout the name of the design you are wanting printed,**


Dipping Instructions - 

Please see below for basic instructions on how to use these products.

1.   Remove paper backing on film – place the film on the table, grab one edge and pull it back across the film opposite of the edge that was started with. **If not done correctly this will cause the backing to possibly stick to the film** PLEASE REFER TO OUR VIDEO ON HOW TO PROPERLY REMOVE THE BACKING - Click Here

2. The side you remove the backing from is the side that goes  DOWN on the water.

3.  Let the film soak for 60 seconds at 80˚F – 90˚F before activating.

4.  Spray your Liquid Concepts activator. We have found the custom film may require less activator than most other patterns.

5.   After the film glasses over, dip the item into the film.

6.   Rinse the item until all the PVA is removed from the part.

7.   Apply a clear coat over the part and enjoy your new Custom Dipped Part!

**Soak times and activator application may vary depending on the type of activator used**

If you have any questions please contact us at 501-455-5500