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Liquid Concepts is one of the leading suppliers of water transfer printing products in the USA and even world wide. We can fully supply you with all the film, activator, tanks, and everything else needed to get your business started in the water transfer printing industry.

Hydrographics Decorating

Get DippedLiquid Concepts has been honing our talents in this industry for more than 10 years. We take pride in making sure every little detail is never overlooked. Check us out to see why some of the top rated names in all kinds of industry come to us for the perfect look everytime. Learn more about our Liquid Transfer Printing services.

Custom Film Development

Custom Film DevelopmentLiquid Concepts has developed some of the top rated patterns in this industry for every genre of film. We bring our years of expertise and top quality film development to help you turn your idea into a hydrographic pattern! Learn more about our Custom Film Development services.

Liquid Transfer Printing Training

 trainingWe provide excellent training to those just starting out or even those looking to get a refresher course. We are dedicated to teaching upcoming businesses the essentials they will need to know in the world of hydrographics. Learn more about our hydrographics training program.

Film Distribution

FilmLiquid Concepts carries a variety of patterns to meet your needs. We bring some of the best quality films to the market to give you the best quality prints for your customers. To see all the designs that we offer, please visit our film gallery.

Liquid Concepts Activator

ActivatorWe have a tried and true activator that stands out from the rest of our competition. Not all activators are created equal. Liquid Concepts Activator has gone through extensive testing to provide the highest quality at a price that is very affordable. Our universal activator will work on just about any hydrographic film available on the market. This is one of the reasons why customers choose our activator over the rest. Take a look at our products to see the difference.

Amazing Customer Support

SupportAt Liquid Concepts, we are dedicated to the success of a business from the start-up all the way to after the sale. We are not here to only sell products. We are here to help make your business grow while giving full support with any of our products that we offer.

Hydrographics Help

ForumsLiquid Concepts offers a variety of ways to interact with other top pros in the industry to help give advice and support. We offer a “Hydrographics 101” Facebook Group so you can get answers to questions very quickly and even just relax and browse what others are doing in the industry.