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In House Training

Images of Liquid U Training

Liquid U Hydrographics 2 Day In-House Training

Let us help you better your business! With our in-depth 2-day hydrographic training you will learn tons of valuable information to help save you time and money. Each class is taught one-on-one allowing us to cater the training directly to your needs. Below you will see a wide variety of topics that are covered during each training course. This outline is just a guide but the training is not limited to these items. Each of our water transfer printing training courses are 100% hands on. You will learn how to do each process from start to finish while our experienced trainer is there to assist you with each step.

Along with our 2-day In-House training, we also offer an on-site training at your facility. This training helps accommodate you if you have multiple employees or prefer to be trained in your own environment. If you are interested in an on-site training please feel free to contact us for more information.

We understand that you may not learn everything within 2 days so we offer a lifetime of continued tech support with all of our hydrographic training courses!

Please see below for a list of some of the main topics that is covered in the training that we offer…

How to Prep Parts
How To Prep Parts
  • Sanding
  • Bodywork (if needed)
  • Working with different materials
  • Cleaning
  • Wax and Grease Removers
  • Flame Treating
Which Primers to Use
Which Primers To Use
  • How to effectively paint plastic parts
  • Painting bare finishes
  • When to use primers and primer sealers
Base Coats
Base Coats
  • Solvent-based vs. water based
  • Advantages of solvent-based paints
  • Advantages of water-based paints
  • How to mix paint
  • When to use hardeners
  • Discussion on different paint quality and uses
  • How to dip correctly
  • Different ways to dip the same parts
  • How speed affects dipping
  • Stretching
  • How to make jigs for production runs
  • Washing the part off
  • Temperature of water
Touch Up
Touch Up
  • Different methods for the final touch
  • When to re-dip or just touch up
Clear Coating
Clear Coating
  • Best practices to achieve a great finish
  • Using flat clear coats
  • Discussion on different clear coat quality and uses
  • Dust and Trash control
  • Using and Applying Flat Clear Coats
Wet Sanding and Polishing
Wet Sanding and Polishing/Buffing
  • Correct ways to polish and buff parts
  • How the clear coat affects buffing
  • Ways to market your business
Custom Dipping
Custom Dipping
  • Tips and tricks to make your work stand out even more

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Liquid Concepts offers a variety of training dates to fit any schedule. With our years of hydrographic and painting experience, you will learn firsthand how to do it right the first time and get the job done. Many of our customers have already gone through this training and have seen the benefits the next day.

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