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  What base needs to be used under the custom film?

Normally you will want to use a white base coat like the Liquid Concepts Bright White but sometimes different base colors can be used depending on how the pattern is made and what colors are in the custom film.

 What format do I need to provide to get a custom image made into a hydrographic film?

We recommend sending us the original file the document was created in. We can open all the popular drawing programs including Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Flexi and much more. We can also use high resolution photographs as well. Some of the most common files that we use are - .TIFF, .AI, .PDF, . PNG, .JPG, .PSD, .SVG and many more. If you do not see your file type just send us an email or give us a call and we can gladly help you out with any file format you may have.

 What is the DPI that I need to have my image to be ready to send to you?

We will print any image that you send us but we normally recommend at least a 300 DPI or larger file. If we see that the custom image that you provide us is not sufficient or will possibly look bad when scaled up to a certain size, we will certainly let you know before anything is printed.

 Does my pattern need to be seamless or can I send you an image I took?

No your pattern does not need to be seamless if you dont want it to be. We can print you any size square patterns that you want with any amount of blank space in between each print so you have plenty of room from one image to another. If you do want your image to be seamless then we can certainly help you out and get the pattern corrected if needed. Design charges may will apply if we have to do any extra work to the image.

 Do you charge a design fee to setup my custom film for printing?

Normally not. If you have an image that is already made seamless or is ready to print, then we will not charge any design fee or setup costs. We will work with you on what scale you want your prints as well as how many meters and the correct spacing to make the job complete. If your image or design requries us to modify or “fix” anything in your design then there will be a design fee based on the number of revisions and time it takes to do the work that is needed to be done. Of course we will ALWAYS let you know up from what the design fee will be before we start any work so you know 100% how much everything will be right up front. If you have any other questions about fees please contact us for more info.

 How much is a custom printed hydrographic image?

We keep all our pricing very simple across the board. You will pay $34.99 per meter for one square meter of custom film. One square meter of custom printed film will run 48” wide and 32” long.

 Do you offer discounts on multiple orders or larger orders?

Unfortunately we do not as the film is very costly to print as well as the process involved to make it. Currently we sell all film for the same price across the board no matter if you order 1 square meter or 100+ meters of film.

 How soon can you print my custom film? What is the turn around?

Normally we print your film within 24 hours and in most cases can ship out your film within the same day if ordered early enough. Then you just have the standard shipping times to get from our warehouse to your front door.

 Do you offer expedited delivery of custom film?

Yes we certainly do. If you are in a time crunch and need custom film in a timely manner we can get you fixed up as soon as possible! By being able to print in-house and keeping stock of all the materials needed, we can get your order out as soon as you need it with expedited shipping through normal shipping companies if needed.

 How wide is your custom film? What is the dimensions of what I am getting?

We sell the custom film by the square meter. One square meter of custom film is 48” wide x 32” long. If you order 2 square meters of custom film then you will receive one roll of film that is 48” wide and 64” long. The 48” width is always constant and depending on how many meters of film you order, will determine the length of film.

 Can you use a different base color under the custom film?

Yes and no. Because we cannot print white, you will normally use a white base color for your base and then dip the pattern over the white base to show the colors correctly as well as make the pattern look exactly like the printed version you see on the film. You can however use different colors under the film but you may not get the results that you want. If your print is for example, a black and clear film, then yes you can use multiple colors to get multiple different variations of the same design. If your print has multiple colors that are bright and vibrant and you use a different color other than white, you will skew your colors and the print will not look correct under the different base color.

 Is there anything different on using the custom film vs normal hydrographic film?

Yes the custom film is a little different than standard film. First you will notice that the film will come with a paper backing. This is to help feed the film into the printer. Before you dip the film, you will have to remove the paper backing. Once the backing is removed you can then treat it like normal film by placing the side that was stuck to the paper backing DOWN on the water. After the film sits on the water for around 60 seconds at 80 - 90 degrees, you can spray the activator to activate the film. Once the film glasses out then you are ready to dip. For more detailed instructions please refer to this YouTube video we have made on working with custom film -

 Do you print trademarked patterns or NFL, NBA, MLB, comic characters or any other type of prints?

We DO NOT print anything like this unless you have the written consent of the party who owns the trademark to the pattern and/or image you are wanting to have printed. If you send us an image and we find that its “Copied from Google” then we will NOT print it. If you have a question or concern about an image please feel free to contact us and we can gladly let you know if we are able to print it or not.

 What all colors can you print on a custom film?

We can print all the colors except for white ink. You will use a white base coat and that will give you the white for the pattern. We can print in any color mode including CMYK and RGB.

 Can you match an existing color that I have or print certain pantone colors?

For us to match existing colors of an image, we need to have a physical sample in hand to manually adjust colors to get the best possible color match. Due to different types of printing, images, screens, etc we try our best to match colors as close as possible to your exact image but sometimes colors can vary from one printer to another as well as how they look on screen vs. printed out. We can print out pantone colors that are very close but unless we have a color sample to go by, the colors may be slightly different.

 Is there shipping included in the price of the film?

Shipping is not included in the $34.99 per meter of film sold. We normally send most film through USPS and can also send it by FedEx if needed. Becuase the film is so long, USPS is normally the cheapest and best route to go for shipping. When you are ordering it online, the website will automatically calculate the best shipping method for your order. If you have any questions about shipping methods please contact us and we will be more than happy to help you out.

 Do you ship overseas or international?

Yes we do! The website cannot calculate the shipping correctly so we ask that you send us an email with your full shipping address as well as how many meters of film you need and we can get back with you on a correct shipping quote for your order. Our email address is

 How do I know what size the pattern is on your custom film you have on the website?

This is one of the great things about custom film! You actually can change the size of the pattern when you order any custom film that we print. During checkout you can put notes in the comment box about how large you want a certain area on the film or even if you are dipping certain items and we will scale it properly to fit the parts that you are dipping.

 Can I print multiple images on a meter of film or is it only 1 image per film?

You can print any number of images you would like as long as it fits into the 48”x32” square meter that you purchase. If you have multiple images that you want to print we can scale them to size and let you know exactly how many meters you will need for a job as well.