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The Best Way to Dip a Gun Receiver

The Best Way to Dip a Gun Receiver

The Best Way to Dip a Gun Receiver

You may be wondering about the best method to use to dip a gun receiver. When you research this subject online, you will see that several techniques are used. Many of them are multi-stage and leave you with a gun that lacks the look and feel you are truly after. However, there is a technique that allows you to properly roll a gun receiver in one dip. This can save you money and time.

General Basics of How to Dip a Gun Receiver

While these principles will apply to just about every gun, we are going to be describing the process using a Super Black Eagle 3 Benelli shotgun for this explanation. We are going to be applying a camouflage pattern to the receiver. We will discuss the general basics of what you need to do to dip a receiver and the tools you will need to get the job done.

Prepare Your Receiver and Film

You will need to blast the receiver back down to bare metal. Make sure to tape up the inside of the receiver and plug the mag tube so it is not blasted or painted. Next, you will need to add primer to the receiver. The receiver should be painted with hydrographic paint before the dipping process begins.

Once you have the receiver prepared, lay out your film. Once that is done, you start the process of laying out your film. You want your film to be laid out so that you have around one or two inches of overlap as you roll the receiver over. This gives you enough room to maneuver while dipping.

Cut and Prepare Your Film

Some people will cut the film so that it is just large enough to cover the area they want to roll. If you tape off the areas you do not want to be affected by the film, you can actually cut the film to the entire length of the receiver plus the length of the mag tube. This will usually make the process easier.

You can run tape along the length of the film. The film will sometimes want to roll up, especially if you are using smaller rolls of film. If you put some 3/4-inch tape along the edge, it helps prevent the film from rolling upon itself.

Once you have the film cut to the right size, lay it on the water. Make sure to set the film down on the correct side so the process works correctly. Set the timer for 60 seconds after it’s in the water. Next, move the dividers to help contain the film as much as possible.

You will notice how the tape on the edges will prevent the film from rolling up. Make sure that the film is smooth and has no bubbles under it. If it does, you can blow them out gently or sometimes use your fingers to push them out.

Dipping Your Receiver

After the 60 second soak time for the film, you are going to want to spray the film with the Liquid Concepts activator. Depending on the film used, you will need to let it sit for around 20 - 40 seconds. After this time you will notice that the film takes on an almost mirror-like appearance.

When you are ready to dip the receiver, put it in the water at an angle so as not to trap any air. You will want to normally start with the receiver slightly angled and pointing downward. Then slowly dip the gun in the water until you have about half of the receiver in the water. Finish the dip by rolling the receiver all the way around the film. Dip it in the water to remove any extra excess film. Gently rinse it off, and you will see a perfectly dipped pattern around the entire receiver if done correctly. Make sure to clear coat the dip with the proper clear coat made for the gun and hydrographics.

Rolling a receiver is not an easy task, however, with practice and by following the above-mentioned steps, you will be on your way to dipping a fully custom gun receiver in no time.