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Reasons to Use Rubber Floor Mats in Hydrographics Printing Areas

Reasons to Use Rubber Floor Mats in Hydrographics Printing Areas

Reasons to Use Rubber Floor Mats in Hydrographics Printing Areas

When you’re setting up a space to do hydrographics painting, it’s wise to keep safety in mind. Although getting your films and the right size of sink or tub may be more exciting, don’t overlook the flooring in your workspace. Consider these reasons why you need rubber floor mats for hydrographics shop.

Easy to Clean

Rubber floor mats are easy to clean. When they need a little cleaning, you can just hose them off. Ideally, your floor should have a built-in drain. This will make your cleanup process as fast and easy as possible.

No Risk of Staining or Water Damage

Rubber floor mats don’t stain. Other types of flooring, including vinyl, concrete, laminate, wood, tile and cork will stain. The rubber can also handle frequent splashes, dripping and daily rinsing. Other hard-surface flooring will warp or rot with all of this moisture.

Withstands Impacts

If you’re using hydrographics on something heavy, such as parts for your car or truck, you need flooring that can absorb the impact if you drop the item. Rubber floor mats are resilient and absorb the energy of an impact. They don’t transfer the energy back into the item, so anything that falls onto rubber floor mats is unlikely to end up with dents, dings, cracks or other types of damage.

Locks Into Place

Rugs can shift around on a tile, concrete or wood floor. The last thing you want to do is have the rug slip out from under you while you’re applying an exquisite hydrographics film onto a treasured item. Rubber floor mats connect to each other and lock into place. They won’t move even if you move around or roll a heavy work cart across them.

Reduce the Risk of Slipping and Falling

A puddle of water on a tile, wood or other hard-surface floor is a safety hazard. Rubber floor mats are textured, and spills and splashes drain through the openings. This lowers your risk of slipping and falling. If you do happen to take a tumble, the rubber mats have some give. You’ll be cushioned, and you’ll be less likely to hurt yourself when you fall.

Comfort for Your Feet

Whether you plan to do hydrographic dipping as a hobby or as a full-time job, the process involves a lot of standing. When you’re on your feet for several hours, a hard floor puts a lot of strain on your feet, ankles, knees and lower back. If you have poor posture or ill-fitting shoes, just a short time of standing can lead to a lot of pain. Rubber floor mats offer more comfort for your feet. They soften the impact of each step, so you’ll be less likely to have heel or ball-of-foot pain.