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Make Hydro Dipping Last With a Few Tips

Make Hydro Dipping Last With a Few Tips

Make Hydro Dipping Last With a Few Tips

Hydro dipping is an impressive printing process that results in a robust finish. Many people who love hydro dipping put their designs on a variety of objects. The question at this point then becomes, just how long does the printed image last?

The question is difficult to answer because hydro dipping takes place on so many different surfaces. Each of them has some variance from others, so the durability of the finish is not always the same. Still, it’s possible to draw rough conclusions to answer this question.

The Clear Coat Decision Is Vital

Hydro dipping done correctly creates a robust final coat that is scratch resistant and even provides superior UV shielding. The durability fluctuates but depends on the clear-coat finish that is selected, which may be flat, semi gloss or high gloss. If you want additional strength, you can select the finish type that’s best for your project.

Ultimately, the consistency across surfaces is not always steady. For many people who become experts using this technique, they get a feel for doing it over time. Experience remains the best teacher, especially when you’re looking for the best outcome. Trying numerous surface coatings will show you which ones last the longest and are the most aesthetically pleasing.

Get a Beautiful Finish That Lasts for Years

Hydro dipped finishes can last for many years. They are permanent applications, but the actual time one will continue is going to vary. A scratch, for instance, can ruin the design instantly.

Some tips will help you create a long-lasting finish:

  • Avoid heavy runs.
  • Instead of piling on too much paint or clear, do it in multiple coats so that the finish will be more durable and look great.
  • Always use enough film for each dip.
  • Cover the sides and top of the surfaces, and even leave a few extra inches on the sides with the film.

Spray With an Even Hand

Try and spray the activator evenly to avoid excessive problems in the film. Any bubbles or defects with the film will distort your print and ruin the final design. The durability also depends on uniform coverage, so it’s never a good idea to put too much activator on the film.

It’s also an excellent idea to rinse off excess slime after you dip your item. If you let that residue accumulate, it will become problematic. Try not to touch the part at all until you thoroughly rinse it.

As you experiment more with hydrographic printing, you’ll master the art. That will empower you to make designs that not only look amazing but last for years. The more you learn about the process and the materials, the better durability your projects will maintain.

Experimenting is the best way of all to find surfaces and materials that go together. Trying different ones will allow you to find a unique style that will make all of your projects stand out from the crowd. It takes a decent skill level to be excellent at water transfer printing, but once you have it, you can make beautiful art.