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Increasing sales and revenue with custom hydrographic film!

Increasing sales and revenue with custom hydrographic film!

In the world of hydrographics its all about who has the certain film that somebody is looking for. The designs and genre is growing by the day but there has always been a market to fill for somebody that is wanting a one off custom design. Up until here recently the only way to get a custom made hydrographic film was to pay thousands of dollars in development fees and order huge quantities of film which made it impossible to be cost effective for the average person. Fast forward to now and you will see how Liquid Concepts has helped pioneer a new wave of custom film that is not only cost effective but allows you the flexibility of offering nearly any design to your customer.

Used to when a customer wanted a “Custom Film” most shops had to turn the customer away because either they didn’t have a good airbrush artist on staff or the work that the customer was wanting done was beyond the scope of what the shop could do. But wouldn’t it be nice to just be able to get a film that already had all the designs on it and you just dipped it like a normal film? Well now is the time that you can finally have that happen! After spending years in research and development Liquid Concepts has brought to the market a one of a kind printing that gives the most photo-realistic prints as well as the most vibrant colors on the market! Along with a turn around time of 24 hours or less (in most cases) from ordering to shipping, a shop can be dipping their custom film the very next day if needed.

After speaking to multiple hydro dip shop owners who use the custom film on a weekly, monthly or even daily basis, they all had the same consensus that since they started offering our custom film they have seen an increase in jobs allowing them to capture revenue that they would not have been able to capture otherwise. Custom hydrographics has opened up other numerous avenues of business for our customers and it is only continuing to grow. Imagine being able to take your customers logo and apply it to nearly any item they desire! Forget the vinyl stickers and water slides by allowing us to make you a one of a kind hydro-dipping film to fit your needs. Not only does this create a custom look but it also saves you on time as well by being able to knockout a project in a single dip.

At Liquid Concepts we have a full design team ready to work with you to get you a design that is made specific to your needs. We can help you in designing, making the image seamless or even fixing some areas of the image to make it that one of a kind custom look you want! As with any design company, there will be a small design fee to help facilitate your idea into a custom printed water transfer printing film which vary depending upon the amount of work involved. Most of the time this will range from $25 to $75. If you have been thinking about trying the custom film just give us a call and we can get you setup and going with your design in no time! Don’t have a design in mind? We also offer thousands of pre-made designs that have no design fee and can be purchased instantly directly from our website! Give us a call today and see how we can help you increase your revenue and customer base with Custom Printed Hydrographic Film from Liquid Concepts!