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How Scratch Resistant Will My Hydro-Dipped Item Be?

How Scratch Resistant Will My Hydro-Dipped Item Be?

How Scratch-Resistant Will My Hydro-Dipped Item Be?

Hydro dipping has a number of names: water transfer printing, hydro imaging, hydrographic printing, immersion printing and more. Just like the number of names, this process will produce items with a variety of resistance to scratches. How they are finished in the final step can determine how scratch resistant they are.

Resistance will depend on the type of paint as well as clear coatings; these will influence the durability of the graphics. Clear coats can be matte, semi-gloss or glossy. Whichever you choose, you’ll want your graphics to remain as beautiful as time wears on.


You’ll want to use automotive grade products to decorate rims and auto parts. An automotive-grade clear coat applied to the finished product protects it. U.V. inhibitors are part of the coating and protect the finish from fading. Like an automobile, normal use will not affect it, but if the printed area is scratched or abused, it will show. A scratch on the clear coat can affect the painted surface. Liquid Concepts utilizes these products to make sure you get the best coating for your automotive parts

Bows, Cups and Other Objects

Cerakote is sometimes used as a final finish. It is ceramic-based and can be applied to plastics, metals, wood and polymers. It is known to provide resistance to abrasion and wear. It also inhibits corrosion, while providing the hardness to resist scratches. It can be used on parts of your motorcycle as well.

Nautical Objects

If you have items from your boat that are being hydro dipped, you’ll want to be sure that the surface will hold up with saltwater as well. Clear coats used in marine applications are usually similar to those used in the automotive industry but with more UV and saltwater resistance.

If Your Hydro Dipping Is DIY

You’ll want to be sure to finish the objects with a clear coat. Kits are available that include a clear coat that promises scratch resistance under normal circumstances. Take into consideration the surface on which it will be applied and buy the right kit for your usage.

Cure Time

When an item is hydro dipped, it might take 30-90 days for it to be fully cured, as durability increases. Contact with solvents or other chemicals can damage it during this time of curing.

To ensure scratch resistance and durability, use a professional who knows the hydrographics printing process. If you choose DIY for hydro dipping, do your homework to be sure of a final finish that will enhance the inspired graphics and leave your objects unique and beautiful for a long time.