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Equipment You Need To Do Hydrographics at Home

Equipment You Need To Do Hydrographics at Home

Equipment You Need To Do Hydrographics at Home

Hydrographics is a process that has been used in the printing industries for years. It involves transferring intricate patterns onto three-dimensional surfaces. Some of the surfaces include glass, metal, plastic, and wood. The process of hydro dipping requires hydrographic equipment to succeed. Below are some of the supplies you need to do hydro dipping at home.

Hydrographic Tanks

Hydrographic tanks yield the best results for your hydro dipping process. They are available in different types, which include stainless steel tanks, plastic tanks, and fiberglass tanks. The stainless steel hydro dip tank is the most commonly used and offers the best longevity.

Most hydro dip tanks include a timer, adjustable temperature controls, an industrial heater, pump, and a film-divider system. They also come in a variety of sizes, from small-sized tanks to production-level tanks. Kick start your hydrographic process with an excellent hydro dip tank.

Hydrographic Printing Films

Hydrographic films are used for many different applications, from helmets to guns and cups. You can customize your objects’ surface with beautifully designed hydro films of your choice. Hydro dip films offer different design prints, including abstract designs, camo, wood grain prints, animal prints, and many others.

There are also great texture prints with trendy designs like skulls and carbon fiber-patterned dip film. If you can’t find the print you have in mind, our team can customize the design that best suits you. Always try to ensure you have high-quality hydrographic dipping film for your dipping project.

Paint and Activators

A hydrographic activator is used for activating hydrographic films. It liquidizes the film easily and produces good wrapping abilities and rinse abilities. A hydrographic activator requires a single application at low pressure. It, therefore, uses less product, ensures minimal film distortion, and produces good dipping results.

Paint is essential to the hydrographic process. There are several ready to spray hydrographic paints on the market. Some of these will allow for no adhesion promoter or primer to be applied as well. Automotive paints can also be used for a desired base color but will need primer and adhesion promoter depending upon the part it is being applied to.

Hydro Dip Kits

A hydro dip kit is perfect for beginners. The kit includes a hydrographic activator, speed shapes for testing, samples films for testing, and a spray gun system to be used for your top coat or base paint if needed.

With a beginner or professional setup you will always need to wear protective wear as these chemicals can be dangerous to your health. It is recommended to wear a respirator as well as latex gloves during the dipping process.

Working reliable hydrographic equipment is necessary for your hydro dip process to be a success. Whether you are just getting started or already in business, ensure you get the procedure’s best supplies. The equipment stated will move your hydrographic skills to the next level. Call us to purchase any of the equipment you need.