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Decorate an Abundance of Items With Hydrographic Printing

Decorate an Abundance of Items With Hydrographic Printing

Decorate an Abundance of Items With Hydrographic Printing

You can decorate any object that can be safely dipped in water when using this method of printing. Parts for vehicles or ATVs as well as matching helmets can look vibrant and beautiful.

What Is the Hydrographics Water Printing Method?

Hydrographics involves a film that sits on the water; the film is printed with graphics or a pattern. Pre-printed patterns are available, or they can be custom designed. The pattern sits on the surface of the water until the object is dipped. This type of printing is suitable for a variety of 3D objects. Often designs can be used in any direction, giving them a more universal appeal.

What Surfaces Can Support Water Transfer Printing?

There are numerous places where this printing can be used. Surfaces include:







Liven Up Your Vehicle

A variety of patterns can be used to decorate a dashboard or wheel covers. Depending on the size of an immersion tank, ATV parts can be decorated. Automotive trim can also be dipped if the part can be immersed in water.

If you have a motorcycle and wear a helmet, your helmet can match certain parts of your bike. A base coat is put on first and can range from solid colors to glitter to metallics, neon, glow paints, and more. This gives the object a unique depth below the surface of the pattern.

Add a Touch of Whimsy to Other Items

Your favorite Yeti cup as well as your dog’s favorite bowl can be made brighter and more cheerful. Match the outside of the dog bowl to your cup, sharing the love of your furry friend. Ceramic cups and bowls can be printed on the outside area. Basically any object that can be painted on with traditional paints is a candidate for hydrographic printing.

What Pre-Printed Patterns Are Available?

You can find patterns that range from camouflage to carbon fiber to geometric shapes and much more. Textures are available as well as abstract patterns. From skulls to American flags, you’ll find a variety of pre-printed patterns. Animal prints, stone and marble, wood grain, metal, and royalty designs are some of the choices. Outdoor enthusiasts and campers will find many designs to blend in with the surroundings or their favorite environments.

Softer designs include florals, paisleys, flowers, shells, lace, swirls, and cartoons. Add a paint splatter to a cup or a black and white checkerboard to a tray, giving those objects further interest other than carrying drinks.

There are many items that can be hydrographically printed. As long as the objects can be immersed in water, they are ready to be uniquely decorated.